KTS Hull Cleaner "Spit Shinin' Clean"
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Our Hull Cleaner is designed to attack the water residue left on your fiberglass boats or jetskis.  This unique product is powerful enough, to keep your new boat looking new, and bring new life to an older boat stained from years past.  KTS "Spit Shinin' Clean"

KTS Hull Cleaner works fast, so you don't have to work hard.  Just spray on KTS Hull Cleaner, and rinse off with water.  It's just that simple.  Some stubborn spots may need to be scrubbed.  Do not mix KTS Hull Cleaner with other products.  May strip barnacle paint off. May stun vegtation.  Test small area before use. "Spit Shinin' Clean"

KTS Eco-Friendly Product

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KTS Hull Cleaner Gallon

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